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Linux on macbook …


1. Bootup delay (20-30 sec)


Insert OSX disc, boot from it, open terminal and enter following:

bless –device /dev/disk0s2 –setBoot –legacy –verbose

where /dev/disk0s2 is the partition you installed grub (do ‘diskutil list’ to find out correct partition). Of course, ‘–verbose’ is optional. This makes Macbook EFI firmware boot your Linux installation in legacy mode without long delay (20s vs 3s).


2. Not booting into Linux
No bootable device — insert boot disk and press any key

boot from linux instalation cd in rescue mode
Install gptsync

gptsync /dev/sda 

Snow Leopard DNS problems

After some time ssh to local servers doesnt work anymore.


ssh localserver name <— doesnt work

ssh localserver IP <— works


In Terminal type;

sudo killall mDNSResponder

Google helps me:



Mount VirtualBox shares under Ubuntu guest


Snow Leopard (Mac OSX) as host, Ubuntu 9.10 as guest (Virtual Box virtualization).

I want to share files from Leopard to Ubuntu.

  1. Create a shared folder in VirtualBox — Ubuntu guest settings
  2. Create mount directory in ubuntu
    sudo mkdir /mnt/Downloads
  3. Mount share (created in step one)
    sudo mount.vboxsf Downloads /mnt/Downloads/


How to recover deleted files from usb flash drive?

What do you need?

  • dd
  • foremost
  • enough space for recoverd flash drive data

How to do it?

# dd if=/dev/sdX of=/home/username/XY-file-name.image

# foremost XY-file-name.image -o output

/dev/sdX <— path to usb flash drive

/home/username/XY-file-name.image <— path to save image of recovered data from flash drive

Where on internet I found a solution?


Mac OS X Shortcuts (slovenian keyboard)

alt + ž = \ (backslash) 
shift + alt + ž = | 
alt + š = [ 
alt + ð = ] 
shift + alt + š = { 
shift + alt + ð = } 
alt + n = ~ 
alt + ć = ^ 
shift + alt + 2 = @ 
shift + alt + 5 = € (euro) 
shift + alt + k =  (apple) 
ctrl + alt + đ = exit from xm console (xen) 
command + left click = choose more documents in TextWrangler 
command + q = quit 
command + backspace = delete 
command + c = copy 
command + v = paste
press D while booting = enter in diagnostic mode (testing hardware)
alt + cmd + R <--- recovery from internet to original Mac OS X Installation